Belize Raffle Drawing

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Google Partnership:

We have a strong track record with Google and Gmail.  All our email addresses are tethered to the backbone servers of Google.  As our designated email service provider, Google via gmail, delivers the best service that any company may require.  Our experience for the last ten years has been nothing less than wonderful.  The same service and benefits that all gmail subscribers enjoy, enjoys.  We too enjoy the equivalent joys by logging in with We are grateful for this business convenience and prosperity.  It certainly is opening doors for our business to thrive on an international level.

USA Funding Investors:

Some years back, a number of US investors became interested in the process of our business history, primarily because of our ties with Google.  Since then, we have been able to secure a stable financial relationship with several USA investors.  Those ties are now cutting an edge for our service as we look forward to the future.  As a funding introducer, was birthed from this financial experience with our US investors.  However, if it was not for the partnership with Google, it is possible that we might still be at work seeking US investors through various financial platforms.  However, thankfully that is not the case today.  Today, is carving out its path with funding investors and Google.  So, the next logical question is what is the objectives of

Mircofunds and Belize:

We act as an introducer for our USA investors.  In essence, we match business owners with our US investors.

Our investors have been in business for over fifteen years.  They provide funding to business owners based on their funding needs.  Those needs can be met with the minimum business loans starting at US$8 million and as high as US$900 million.

Businesses that are registered and have been in operation for at least three years may be approved more easily than others.  Collateral is need.  The investors do require that the business owner makes a 15% investment in the project that is seeking funding.

Once we feel comfortable with a project, we will negotiate with the business owner to do a presentation of their business plan and executive summary.  Those confidential documents would then be presented to our US investors for funding consideration.

However, it must be noted that does require all potential clients to sign a MNDA before delivering any documents for funding consideration.  In addition to the MNDA there is an introducer’s fee agreement, which carries a standard 1.5% service rate.  This fee however is contingent on the approval of the business loan.  It is important to note that THERE ARE NO UPFRONT FEES with  In other words, if your business loan is not approved, we do not get paid and the business owner does not need to pay us any introducer’s fee.  It is that simple.

It is also important to note, this service is only for business clients who are seriously thinking about obtaining funding through our service.  This is not a requirement for our team player.

The SMART Tech Platform will introduce a new dynamic potential for Startup ideas, concepts and funding for our Team Players.

Team Players:

The idea of introducing Team Players for in Belize is a business concept that is already a reality in several countries via numerous corporations.  Providing funding for Startups and existing businesses is one of the goals for MircoFunds.

We believe that with our current partnerships that we will be able to produce a SMART Tech Platform in Belize, which will create a new form of funding.

We have key partnerships already in place.  Therefore, what we now have embarked on is yet another level of funding introduction.  Our objectives are to encourage business ideas and concepts.  We are big supporters of startups and we want to see all businesses succeed.  However, we believe that those who are well positioned with the right professional attention, backed with the needed funding, will prevail.

Our objective is to ensure that everyone who encounters our path may tap into this all-inclusive funding platform that has been made available to us.