Personal Worth for Honest Work

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Honest work has its protective armor, it is personal worth!  This is the motor that automates the existence behind its wealth.  Not even the enshrouded caprices, from an emerging market, can survive the essence behind this certainty.

Honest Work Side-Steps Entrapment!

Some months ago, I published this quote shortly after it was written.  At the time of its creation, I was really under pressure with work and had a lot on the table, so to speak.  However, this weekend I had the most valuable opportunity to revisit the work that was once started to add more substance to its existence.

Here is the quote:

¨Honest work has its protective armor.   It is personal worth.  This is the motor that automates the existence behind its wealth.  Not even the enshrouded caprices, from an emerging market, can survive the essence behind this certainty.¨

Here is the added substance:

Have you ever experienced an honest situation where the life of transparency was preoccupied?  Now transfer that proposition to honest work.  Can work be honest without being translucent?  Would it be adequate to determine that honest work has a mantle of pellucidity?  Furthermore, to be on the side of logic, if work is not honest, it will not only lack transparency, but it will unmistakably emit a veil of entrapment.  Example: omission of transparency and evasion of responsibility will almost certainly spawn a viewable trace of emission.  In other words, to omit and evade is to emit.

For this essay, I will equate omission or to omit with the definition of neglect.  Likewise, I will also parallel the use of evasion or to evade with the classification of escape.  Finally, I will associate emission or to emit with the meaning of produce.

Personal Worth

Neglect:  For use of space, let’s use the term [lack of care] to define this word.  This can become quite fatal in the perspective if related to a parent with a child or a banker with trusted funds of his constituents.  Moreover, the unwarranted questions that would emerge could almost become a justifiable investigation.  This would be based on shared-vision and shared-position of those rendering their honest analysis of the situation.  The fiery inquisition that must be shouldered is:  What would cause the emergence of neglect or lack of care?

Escape:  We now turn our attention to this most dramatic sequence of happenings.  In trying to define this term, let’s preface this itinerary from our professional intelligence perspective.  As professionals, we do not seek the need to escape from any given situation, without due notice and without a lawful and clear justification.  Therefore, the heart of this reasoning lies within these words:  knowledge makes available the need for avoidance.  In other words, information permits evasion.  However, this can be considered judiciously accurate only where wrong-doing is evident.

Produce:  As the final carpet is rolled out, all previous scenes are now conscripted in this ruthless fabrication.  Its description is now bottled up in its hindmost rudimentary certainty.  It is this third and final stage that almost never derails its true identity.  In other words, what you see is what you will get.  However, I like the old saying:  [follow your gut feelings.]  In support of this adage, I would say, your gut feelings are enigmatically the final product of what you see, what you hear and what you sense.  This is your personal worth.  Go forward protecting and defending!  Have a great day!